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gait / походка, аллюр, движение
имя существительное
gait, walk, step, walking, tread, pace
gait, pace
movement, motion, traffic, move, stir, gait
дрессировать на аллюры
имя существительное
a person's manner of walking.
the easy gait of an athlete
They may walk with an unsteady gait with feet far apart, and they have difficulty with motions that require precise coordination, such as writing.
An axle attaches the front of the frame to the foundation, and the resulting pivot allows you to lift your heel and walk with the shuffling gait of a backcountry skier.
The horse's gait changed to a gallop, and the muffled rhythm of the hoof beats crescendoed until they were uncannily loud and hollow.
They moved off again at a canter, a mild gait compared to the previous mad gallop.
Symptoms in horses include an unsteady gait while people develop flu-like symptoms.
He wasn't galloping yet, he was pacing, the gait in between a canter and a gallop, though not many horses can.
We may be able to get transitions up and down fairly well, halt to walk, walk to trot etc, but what happens when we ask it to miss a gait , say halt to trot or walk to canter.
He walks with a shuffling gait , almost as if he is refusing to lift his feet and take real steps for fear that the ground will disappear once he lifts his feet from it.
Only last week a young man was sentenced to a year in jail for being part of a 30-strong gang that humiliated and assaulted a man with Parkinson's disease whose only provocation to them had been to walk with a strange gait .
When the explosions intrude upon him and force him to stop, he walks away with an easy gait , and takes the time to make the acquaintance of a woman who catches his eye before heading home to his worried family.