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gain / усиление, прирост, прибыль
имя существительное
gain, strengthening, amplification, intensification, reinforcement, magnification
growth, increase, gain, increment, accretion, augmentation
profit, income, earnings, gain, return, benefit
get, receive, obtain, gain, have, take
gain, set up, set, compose, levy, muster in
purchase, acquire, get, gain, buy, take on
имя существительное
an increase in wealth or resources.
the mayor was accused of using municipal funds for personal gain
obtain or secure (something desired, favorable, or profitable).
a process that has gained the confidence of the industry
increase the amount or rate of (something, typically weight or speed).
she had gradually gained weight since her wedding
Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain , ignoring the realm of the spiritual.
Circulating within the cluster, some of these pairs might gain enough speed to escape the cluster altogether.
In reality what happens is the blatant misuse of public office for pecuniary gain .
this atomic clock will neither gain nor lose a second in the next 1 million years
Because of this, QD lasers emit a narrower spectral band, which translates into a higher differential gain .
to gain information about sth
It is unclear whether screening for diabetes would, in itself, achieve an appreciable health gain .
The new clocks would not gain or lose one second in a thousand years.
we made no financial gain from it
they want to gain a better understanding of it