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gaily / весело, радостно, ярко
joyfully, cheerfully, lively, merrily, gaily, happily
joyfully, gladly, joyously, gaily, jubilantly, rejoicingly
bright, brightly, dramatically, gaily, glaringly, flamingly
in a cheerful or lighthearted way.
he waved gaily to the crowd
While the gaily coloured and richly sugared chocolate eggs that we enjoy are recent in origin, the real egg, decorated with colours or gilt, has been acknowledged as a symbol of continuing life and resurrection since long.
The ladies sat at the stern of each boat to cheer their rowers on, waving handkerchiefs and laughing gaily at the sport.
gaily coloured sailing boats
One early morning at an elementary school bus stop, I gaily waved at the visible faces of our future leaders and innovators, children whose dreams and innocence were yet unscathed by disappointment or grim reality.
The real monster in them, he said later, is the amused narrator, ‘the young foreigner who passed gaily through these scenes of desolation, misinterpreting them to suit his childish fantasy’.
Christy laughed haughtily, waved gaily at them, then took off again, in case her little taunt had - by any chance - brought on a second wind for them.
The range will be covered with gaily colored windflags.
He saw us all peering out from the Club and waved gaily to us, like royalty.
gaily colored sailboats dot the lake
‘Sometimes I think we're like the first-class passengers on the Titanic, sailing gaily to our doom with the champagne flowing, the lights blazing and the band playing on,’ Ms Caplin mused.