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gaggle / гоготать
cackle, gaggle, guffaw, clack, nicker, keckle
имя существительное
стадо гусей
стая гусей
имя существительное
a flock of geese.
It is also a popular watering hole to gaggles of geese which fly in from time to time.
a disorderly or noisy group of people.
the gaggle of reporters and photographers that dogged his every step
Readers may have heard about a pack of wolves or a litter of puppies, but do they know which animals make up a gaggle or a murder?
I would much rather be involved in a series with a benevolent dictator instead of a gaggle of geese.
The gaggle thinned out as most of the flex wings also fell down.
Other characters include a gang of lads and a gaggle of girls on a night out, a tacky DJ, a hotdog salesman and a cabbie.
In the lower left portion of the canvas, a gaggle of geese moves about in Brownian motion.
Today, it involves federal courts, a gaggle of sturdy lawyers or both.
All you need to do is find a gaggle of geeks at a party or in a college bar.
I plunked down my cash, all the while admiring the plant with its white flowers so much like the heads of a gaggle of nodding geese.
The gaggle of girls gathered around them, their expressions concerned.
the gaggle of photographers that dogged his every step