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gag / кляп, затычка, шутка
имя существительное
gag, barnacle
plug, gag, stopper, peg, bung, stopgap
joke, jest, fun, trick, prank, gag
затыкать рот
gag, quench
choke, gag, gulp, gulp down, tuck in
имя существительное
a piece of cloth put in or over a person's mouth to prevent them from speaking or crying out.
A cloth gag was put over his mouth to stop him from speaking.
a device for keeping the patient's mouth open during a dental or surgical operation.
He or she preps the neonate's face and mouth and also the mouth gag in a circular manner, proceeding from the incision line circumferentially outward.
a joke or an amusing story or scene, especially one forming part of a comedian's act or in a film or play.
We're looking for jokes, gags , funny stories, pictures, whatever, but they must be your original work.
put a gag on (someone).
she was bound and gagged by robbers in her home
choke or retch.
he gagged on the sourness of the wine
tell jokes.
every contract contains a self-signed gag
the government is trying to gag its critics
Personally I'd like to see him go the whole hog - bind him, gag him and chuck him into the Thames wearing a pair of concrete boots.
I saw slowly that I was staring at an Elf, I struggled once more to get the gag from my mouth, when he gently removed it and silently offered me a taste of water.
York's newest comedy club takes its name from the oldest gag in the joke book.
The government's official gag on further public discussion of the principal's death only adds to the impression that this is not an isolated case.
Amy is tied down to a table with a gag in her mouth.
However, the latest gag prevents users from discussing any aspect of the program.
Third, even an amusing gag distracts the reader from your main point.
The strip of cloth holding the gag , once split, fell away from Ford's face.