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gaff / багор, гафель, острога
имя существительное
gaff, hook, boathook, pole, harpoon
spear, harpoon, gaff, leister, fish spear, fizgig
имя существительное
a stick with a hook, or a barbed spear, for landing large fish.
Before commercialization, when lobsters were fished as a subsistence item, or for sale or barter in small local markets, they were typically fished by hand or with gaffs and spears.
a spar to which the head of a fore-and-aft sail is bent.
Vessels built of ferrocement may be accepted if they have a gaff or traditional schooner rig.
rough treatment; criticism.
if wages increase, perhaps we can stand the gaff
a house, apartment, or other building, especially as being a person's home.
John's new gaff is on McDonald Road
seize or impale with a gaff.
Therefore, I favour such deceptive tactics as dragging a small, weighted hook wrapped in colourful wool across the sandy bottom and gaffing the unsuspecting honeymooners mid-coitus.
It is a luxurious gaff with seven reception rooms and Prince Michael is getting away with one of the best housing benefit scams in the land.
I know of one jewfish caught that was 18 kg and another angler had two quite nice Spanish mackerel to the wall but was unable to gaff them.
Yesterday afternoon three girls were roaming the centre lane of the main road outside my gaff .
This fish we fight for about 15 minutes, but we are using a small diameter wind-on and cannot get the fish within range of the gaff even though we have most of the leader on the reel.
After stowing the gaff , the skipper picked up the anglers trace and showed it to him.
Gav's new gaff is in McDonald Road
if wages increase, perhaps we can stand the gaff
One's a millionaire, one has done really well and lives in Ireland, one of them has a big gaff in the New Town.
Today the man who should not be named turned up at my gaff throwing stones at my window.
Julie and her dad would gaff them and bring them aboard; I did the cleaning and icing.