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gadfly / овод, слепень, надоедливый человек
имя существительное
gadfly, botfly, breeze, cleg
horsefly, gadfly, breeze, cleg
надоедливый человек
pestiferous fellow, bother, gadfly, pest
имя существительное
a fly that bites livestock, especially a horsefly, warble fly, or botfly.
Later, Hera sent the notorious gadfly to continuously bite and irritate Io.
In part as a way to circumvent this ban, the two launched the Emergency Conservation Committee, a radical organization that remained a gadfly in wildlife conservation circles for the next three decades.
Baseball, by which I mean baseball, lowercase b, has lost a penetrating mind of great discernment, a gadfly who would not be dissuaded from his job as he saw it even when the Commissioner himself phoned to tell him to cut it out.
He lives in Maine now, and remains a journalistic gadfly .
But he admits he is curious: what has the liberal gadfly done to annoy so many conservatives like him?
Socrates' preferred analogy for his own role in the city was that of a gadfly , who lit upon his fellow citizens and sought to sting them into a healthy state of intellectual wakefulness.
In a male-dominated culture, she was a woman who read, a writer who meant to publish, and a theological gadfly .
One of his victims was the good abbe himself, a court gadfly and the author of musical comedies, by all estimates a man begging for comic publicity.
The gadfly soon became an annoyance to both the MTA and the union, creating a newsletter which aired workers' grievances but criticised alleged union inaction.
I have always considered him sort of a Socratic gadfly .
While his documentaries are popular in the US and he makes the bestseller lists with his books, he is still sometimes seen by the press and public there as a fringe gadfly .