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gad / шататься, слоняться
stagger, totter, falter, reel, gad, mosey
hang around, loaf, mooch, muck about, hang about, gad
имя существительное
острый шип
point, edge, spearhead, spike, peak, gad
spear, lance, pike, shaft, glaive, gad
go around from one place to another, in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.
help out around the house and not be gadding about the countryside
имя существительное
(in the Bible) a Hebrew patriarch, son of Jacob and Zilpah (Gen. 30:9–11).
used to express dismay or surprise.
By gad! You look young for a doctor!
It is very exciting, but I am here all alone whilst she gads around talking to men with beards.
Although Geminian influences still have you gadding all about like trout, this week also offers in-there as well as out-there experiences.
Now Cleo gads about the castle but Francie slows down.
They complain that the MP ought to be looking after the drains and other local problems of his east London constituents rather than gadding about on the box.
While our Prime Minister is gadding around the globe, the British railway system is near breakdown with 1970s-style strikes crippling many routes and disrupting commuters.
Later he gadded about Europe until the revolutionary storm struck in Russia, carrying him away to the Ukraine where he ended up in the post of representative of the Soviet People's Commissariat.
Choosing the hottest weekend of the year to go gadding about in a tin metal box (aka car without air-conditioning up and down the nation's motorway system) probably wasn't our greatest idea ever.
In Europe, Anderson gadded about the Mediterranean in his steam-powered yacht.
Our women it seems have left their homes on some pretence of Bacchic worship, and are now gadding about on the wooded mountain slopes, dancing in honour of this upstart god, Dionysus