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fuzz / пух, пушинка, пышные волосы
имя существительное
down, fluff, fuzz, pile, nap
fuzz, flock
пышные волосы
fuzz, wealth of hair
имя существительное
a fluffy or frizzy mass of hair or fiber.
a fuzz of black hair
the police.
It wound up being right across from a police station, and after a little while the fuzz came out and told us to move.
make or become blurred or indistinct.
snow fuzzes the outlines of the signs
(of hair) become fluffy or frizzy.
her hair fuzzed out uncontrollably in the heat
And it does, eventually climaxing into a churning maelstrom of distorted fuzz .
She still wore a bright red kerchief, and there were little bits of fabric fuzz clinging to her hair.
Sheehan was reading the papers at the breakfast table one summer Sunday when the upper right-hand quadrant of his vision began to blur and fuzz as if he were adjusting an old TV.
But eventually, having developed techniques to mask the light, astrophysicists were able to detect fuzz surrounding some of the dimmer quasars.
It's up to the fuzz to put a stop to all the group groping.
The sunken cheeks were covered with a thin scattering of fuzz ; the hair was lank and matted.
Add some nasty production, have the vocals hiss and fuzz when the vocalist sings loud, or intense, or high, and make the vocals dominate all the other instruments.
She could easily be dead in minutes, and the pain was starting to fuzz her edges of awareness.
The Jerusalem artichokes are covered with a white fuzz .
The sea is glassy, frozen into blurry fuzz by time. I want to leave all this and play drums for some semi-famous group.