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futurity / будущее, будущность, события будущего
имя существительное
future, tomorrow, futurity, hereafter, times to come, aftertime
future, futurity
события будущего
имя существительное
the future time.
the tremendous shadows that futurity casts upon the present
Any event must have all three properties, pastness, presentness and futurity , but this is a contradiction.
Is the Place a reservoir of history, or a well of futurity ?
What we're referring to is a futurity , a contest featuring young livestock.
the tremendous shadows which futurity casts upon the present
They realized that, whether a man is most swayed by the one or the other, what he must most depend upon and desire, is a knowledge of futurity .
Created over 30 years ago to perpetuate the traditional progression of training the California Vaquero Bridle Horse, the futurity has a special mystique.
Reality is airbrushed and we're given promises of fabulous, mythical oases of futurity .
In 2001, he competed at the futurity with broken ribs and a punctured lung.
Its great to go into a room somewhere and listen to all of this sound, sound that is full of futurity , sound that is presented as an event of the mind rather than the body - where it will take us, we shall see.
The second possibility was a fixed date - some date in futurity , which could have been the commencement date.