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futurism / футуризм
имя существительное
имя существительное
concern with events and trends of the future or which anticipate the future.
Emotional disconnect, man-machine sexual politics, dystopian futurism , German electronic-music fetishes - Bowie was post-millennial before we even hit 1980.
They allow us, for a while, to indulge in a fantasy of futurism .
It's also kind of obvious as well, speaking more about contemporary notions of futurism - and how those notions have migrated away from marginal audiences into the mainstream - than any actual manifestation of the ‘future’.
I had, admittedly, written a book with Watts Wacker on the future, but I neither knew that futurism was a discipline, nor that I was a futurist.
But don't file it under futurism , because this future is now.
Although the dawn of futurism invited greater emphasis on modes of production than on commercialization, and playwright Denise Clarke twists her focus to be more justly feminine, Breeder owes clear ancestry.
It emerges from what you might call stunted futurism .
From this standpoint, the city's monstrous caricature of futurism is simply shrewd marketing.
There was the Manhattan skyline, stretched out like a diorama, from the World Trade Center's towers to Riverside Church, with the timeless futurism of the spires of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building crowning midtown.
But there's something awfully deriative about them, a mish-mash of cubism, constructivism, futurism , vorticism, Merz and more.
As their music spoke of futurism and electronics (and everything did in those days), their tinny little keyboards were being pushed to the limits of technology and cracking under the strain.