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future-proof / на будущее
имя прилагательное
(of a product) unlikely to become obsolete.
My opinion is we need a unified statewide product that is as future-proof as possible.
make (a product or system) future-proof.
this approach allows you to future-proof your applications
The view of keeping both schools the same is a short-sighted one, when there is the potential to create a future-proof school fit for the 21st century, with the investment in technology to match.
My opinion is we need a unified statewide product that is as future-proof as possible.
On the other hand, the greenfield approach allows you to build a network that should be pretty future-proof in terms of capabilities when we come out of the gate.
This bill is designed, as far as is possible, to be future-proof in terms of the changes in veterinary training that are expected in coming years, some of which are already taking place.
Its shock-proof, future-proof , and idiot-proof.
Existing equipment doesn't become obsolete; only the interface cards are upgraded, perfect for a provider wanting a scalable, future-proof network.
The ultimate goal of the joint effort is to provide a future-proof server platform that protects enterprises investments on IT infrastructure today and in the future.
And for any PC user who's interested in a PC that's relatively future-proof , the T6212 is worth considering.
When considering how activity will evolve from here, it is tempting to look towards a point in time when the technology and service arena settles down enough to make future-proof decision-making easier.
These pin-sharp pictures should be coming to your living room next year, so this machine is thoroughly future-proof .