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futon / футон
имя существительное
a Japanese quilted mattress rolled out on the floor for use as a bed.
The only furnishing visible were a table and chair, and a futon rolled up in one corner.
They walked upstairs and Shannon got out sheets and a pillow for the futon in the guest bedroom.
Instead of a space-consuming bed, a folded futon mattress with a blanket and two pillows stood near the table, leaning against the wall.
Past the lockers and sleeping area was the living area, with a four seater table and chairs, a futon , two tall bookshelves, and a ratty rug.
We roll off the futon and onto the straw mats, which are cool and ribbed in tight weave and burn our skin in what look like stratified splotches in the glare of a turquoise lava lamp.
Happy that she indeed looked like a normal person sleeping, he himself laid upon his futon , rolling onto his right side, facing away from her.
Isabella took a seat across from the girls' bunk beds on their small futon .
There was little need for furniture, his futon , a small writing desk, a low table with cushions, and his dressers and wardrobes.
As I was folding up the futon this morning I looked over to see Mike making off with my cell phone in his mouth.
Rubbing her blue eyes, Nanashi finally rolled off her futon , letting a deep yawn escape as she did.
Prized for being both firm and supple, the Airflex features crimped coil innersprings that allow it to be folded over like a futon .