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fusty / затхлый, устаревший, спертый
имя прилагательное
musty, fusty, frowsy, pockety, frowsty, frowzy
outdated, dated, outmoded, moldy, passe, fusty
stale, stuffy, close, frowzy, frowsty, fusty
имя прилагательное
smelling stale, damp, or stuffy.
the fusty odor of decay
I'm going to try real, real hard to not be especially cynical - nothing's worse than a fusty , cranky sourpuss who was there when it really mattered.
Those vulnerable to infection perhaps need to understand that this is not just fusty old adults trying to stop their fun.
The old Westminster House is fusty and the benches - and they are benches, not individual seats - were half filled by lounging figures in frowsty suits.
Why, then, will publishers countenance huge spending on book launches when adult authors are lucky to get away with not paying for their own white wine in some fusty club?
Then I was sprinkled from neck to toe with warm and fusty vegetation.
Yes, they may be a little fusty and they may smell of beer, but at least that won't give you cancer.
The ancient chairs and the stage area give out a fusty smell.
I also parted with a large sum of money and came away with a 7 tightly wrapped bags containing a week's supply of something that smells old, fusty and a bit mouldering.
The dog stunk from across the room, fusty , like an old armchair left on the porch, and Ruth figured the dog hadn't passed gas before in the car; she'd simply smell like this forever.
A growing number of abolitionists say it intimidates newcomers to court, gives self-importance to those who officiate there and makes the justice system look fusty , out of touch and just a little ridiculous.