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fusspot / беспокойный человек, суетливый человек
имя существительное
беспокойный человек
worrier, fidget, hellion, fussbudget, fuss-pot
суетливый человек
fidget, fussbudget, fuss-pot
имя существительное
a fussy person.
It is not beyond the realms that within a generation or two punctuation (not to mention spelling) will be regarded as the old-fashioned preserve of fusspots who have no idea how to communicate clearly.
‘Of course I'll be alright, fusspot ,’ she said teasingly.
The old fusspot doesn't want a single spot in front of the pub.
Mine is a fusspot round the house and is obsessed with things being ironed correctly!
Josh is no fusspot about what Val wears as long as she's there, but Val just likes to look nice for the sake of looking nice.
The power to discriminate makes Virgo the sign of the food fusspot , the nutritionist and the restaurant critic.
As the chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board, he is in a sense a professional fusspot , paid to be wary.
The fusspot in me appreciates the fusspot in him.
However, she is played as such a little fusspot and gossip that she injects the women's scenes with a lot of humour.
As a game it can be a hoot, but there are occasions when it becomes no laughing matter, usually when some fusspot with a bad dress sense decides to invoke a screamingly ridiculous rule instead of concentrating on his short game.
She complains that Toby is a fusspot and that no one seems to trust her.