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fusion / слияние, сплав, объединение
имя существительное
merger, fusion, confluence, amalgamation, integration, junction
alloy, fusion, composition, alligation
association, union, unification, combination, merger, fusion
имя прилагательное
referring to food or cooking that incorporates elements of diverse cuisines.
their fusion fare includes a sushi-like roll of gingery rice and eel wrapped in marinated Greek grape leaves
Not surprisingly, fusion cuisine continued to be popular, melding tastes from different cultures into one melting pot.
Even plastic is often recycled - so-called ‘plastic mechanics’ visit people's houses to repair broken plastics by the simple process of heat fusion .
Instead you indulge in some expensive Thai fusion cuisine at a restaurant near Elite Towers that was recommended by your hotel driver.
Jason was trained in the art of French cooking but also loves making fusion foods like Thai and Italian.
On Chewing Glass And Other Miracle Cures, he's bringing the beats and scattered rhymes into the zone of spooky jazz fusion and hallucinogenic acid rock.
The music is generally high-standard, and like the club's decor, is very eclectic, offering everything from blues to fusion to free jazz.
The Giants mean serious business: If you thought prog-rock was the most titillating genre since fusion jazz, wait until you hear themed prog-rock!
Flash aspires to be a hip joint and at night it becomes just that, but it's also striving to establish itself as a new place to tuck into some exceptional Western and fusion foods.
the election results produced pressure for fusion of the parties
Doing fusion cuisine, the flavors are bolder, but clean; they match up with the complexity and richness of the beers.