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fuselage / фюзеляж
имя существительное
fuselage, body, hull
имя существительное
the main body of an aircraft.
‘We hope there are enough remaining parts from the three recovered fuselages to produce another aircraft,’ said Bill.
A single point for pressure refueling is installed on the starboard side of the fuselage .
Check for wrinkles in the fuselage skin where the main gear leg goes into the fuselage .
The fairings on all other aircraft extended much farther back along the fuselage .
The mission pod is mounted on the underside of the fuselage on stabilising pod roll arms.
Axles and bracing struts were hinged to the bottom longerons of the fuselage .
An astrodome was located in the top of the fuselage forward of the aft partition of the crew quarters.
Also, the lower rudder attachment bracket has been made and fitted to the aft fuselage .
It is thought the seat of the fire was in the landing gear under the aircraft's main fuselage .
A master at marketing, Todorov designed the clubhouse around the fuselage of an old aircraft.
I take my seat along the side of the fuselage and strap in - already the aircraft is moving back to the runway.