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fury / ярость, гнев, неистовство
имя существительное
fury, rage, anger, wrath, ire, rampage
anger, wrath, rage, fury, ire, passion
fury, frenzy, rage, raving, rampage, violence
имя существительное
wild or violent anger.
tears of fury and frustration
a spirit of punishment, often represented as one of three goddesses who executed the curses pronounced upon criminals, tortured the guilty with stings of conscience, and inflicted famines and pestilences. The Furies were identified at an early date with the Eumenides.
The Eumenides shows the Furies in pursuit of Orestes, who is protected by the younger god Apollo.
I thumped the mahogany table in fury and told Peat to take a letter for the prime minister.
Can I explain the extreme fury and violation I felt at that moment?
tears of fury and frustration
Iverson played with what appeared to be a reckless fury , as if he could only exorcise his demons on the basketball court.
And then, I felt a fury erupt inside of me.
He quickly turned around, glaring at the younger woman in fury .
The beauty of our surroundings matches the fury of the stream.
He was known as a ruthless man whose anger could turn into a raging fury .
By now, it was at the bottom of the hill, blood gushing from its wounds, its anger now a frantic fury .
The violence of long and bloody sieges, and the subsequent sacking of cities, is often compared to the devastating fury of the forces of nature.