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furthermore / более того, кроме того, к тому же
более того
furthermore, moreover, further, nay, likewise, too
кроме того
moreover, besides, in addition, further, furthermore, additionally
к тому же
also, in addition, then, furthermore, too, therewith
in addition; besides (used to introduce a fresh consideration in an argument).
this species has a quiet charm and, furthermore, is an easy garden plant
There is, furthermore , no indication that rules limiting booze have any effect on, say, road injuries.
furthermore, we should refund them
Unlike many Welsh poets, he wrote in Welsh rather than English, and furthermore , in the Welsh bardic tradition.
This is a town, not a village, and, furthermore , a town which people are fast trying to make into a place to be entertained.
In the process, furthermore , they consistently overcame schools with five or six times as many pupils on their books.
His work on militarism is furthermore significant because he designed his arguments explicitly to rebut the Marxist line on the subject.
Similar arguments are made, furthermore , in other areas of responsibility.
Every attempt to turn back the time and, furthermore , to restore totalitarian communism is absurd.
It seems to confirm that he is indeed trying to say what he means and furthermore that he wants the rest of us to be clear what that is.
He was under the impression, furthermore , that England was infinitely wealthy, which was not the case.