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furtherance / продвижение, помощь, поддержка
имя существительное
promotion, strides, advance, progress, advancement, furtherance
help, assistance, aid, support, assist, furtherance
support, maintenance, backing, aid, endorsement, furtherance
имя существительное
the advancement of a scheme or interest.
acts in furtherance of an industrial dispute
Members of Congress do not wish to be seen to be challenging the head of state when he says he is acting in furtherance of pressing national interest.
in furtherance of their own ambitions
Your analysis of the United States' interests and its actions in furtherance of them from 1945 to 1991 is correct, as ever.
acts in furtherance of an industrial dispute
the court held that the union's acts were not in furtherance of a trade dispute
It is necessary in furtherance of his interests.
The elites are banking and relying on our complicity for the maintenance and furtherance of empire.
Well - they were mixed gender mini-marathons in furtherance of government policy of encouraging sporting events for women.
I see the merit in their argument too, particularly in light of certain cases where judges have made awful decisions in furtherance of their principles.
We have taken this action in furtherance of that view.