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furry / пушистый, меховой, покрытый мехом
имя прилагательное
fluffy, fuzzy, furry, downy, cottony, feathery
fur, furry
покрытый мехом
имя прилагательное
covered with fur.
furry creatures in fields
It's a sad fact that when you share your life with small furry creatures, you have to face the inevitable.
The once furry brown creature now looked like a fuzzy, purple and green monster.
They stand aghast that a person can devote so much of their busy life to quiet conversations with these furry friends.
Any bite from a warm-blooded furry creature must be considered suspect, even if minor.
The curious red-eyed female headed straight to the well ripe banana we had been given on our arrival to tempt the furry creature.
Otherwise, what happens is that the edges become all fluffy and furry and the potatoes absorb too much water.
The range of outfits for our smaller, furry companions seems totally limited.
Besides, a better celebration is some quiet time at home with the wife and the two furry children.
They can't be made into posh burgers, they can't be kept as pets, and they can't be made into nice furry coats like mink can.
It delivers 7,000 furry friends to seven hospitals in the area each year.