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furrow / борозда, желоб, колея
имя существительное
furrow, groove, fissure, line, trench, rut
chute, trough, gutter, channel, tray, furrow
track, gauge, rut, tread, furrow
furrow, plow, busk, seam, plough
plow, till, turn, follow the plow, furrow, plough
имя существительное
a long narrow trench made in the ground by a plow, especially for planting seeds or for irrigation.
When machine seeding, plant in a shallow furrow or spread seeds out and disk them into the soil.
make a rut, groove, or trail in (the ground or the surface of something).
gorges furrowing the deep-sea floor
fields of ridge and furrow
Mountain ranges furrow the land like ancient wrinkles.
Hoe drills, especially those with wider row spacing, can plant seed deeper because they can build a ridge and plant in the furrow .
This all goes out the window when you get into a furrow situation because the track is square in section and the furrow isn't.
The use of liquid insecticide placed in the furrow with the seed has gained in popularity over the last few years as a convenient and inexpensive method to achieve wireworm and seedcorn maggot control.
The bacteria may be applied to the seed or placed in the seed furrow at planting.
Applying 1.0-2.0 in. of water after the seed has been planted will cause soil particles to dislodge and move from the tops of soil ridges into the seed furrow .
Shot by shot, backing up as he goes, he slowly digs a long furrow of divots until he can roll the red shaft into the trench and start again from the top, and again, and again.
‘I asked her a few too many questions, I think,’ Brett replied as a deep furrow creased his brow.
Then, a deep furrow appeared between her brows, and she dropped her hand as she shut her eyes.