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furrier / меховщик, скорняк
имя существительное
furrier, skinner
furrier, skinner
имя существительное
a person who prepares or deals in furs.
Official collaboration between Nunavut and Montreal fur designers began four years ago, when Montreal-based fur veteran Ingo Moslener was hired as a consultant to help Nunavut furriers modernize their production techniques.
имя прилагательное
covered with fur.
furry creatures in fields
Marcus Loew, onetime furrier and currently owner of a group of nickelodeons, had come on the scene, combining live acts and two-reelers at his New York showcase, Loew's State.
In later years, the furrier business was operated entirely from Mr. Smith's home - until his retirement in 1972.
Jay had been working as a furrier in Glasgow but he contracted an allergy off the pelts.
His father was a furrier , his mother ran a dress shop.
I am looking for someone who might possibly have been, or worked for a furrier in the past, at any rate someone who knows what's what in fur terms.
The furrier shortened it into a jacket, and later into a hat, and then a muff, and then a pillow, and finally a button.
Use our retailer locator to find a furrier in your area.
Hillary Clinton recently had a new mink coat made for her by Manhattan furrier Peter Duffy.
He was also a budding go-getter who used to work in his family's furrier shop and stretch animal hides for 25 cents each.
The bulky pelts had all been sold, exchanged for silver with passing merchants who would in turn take them to a furrier .