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furnish / отделка
имя существительное
finishing, finish, trim, furnish, trimming, garnish
give, provide, grant, allow, furnish, afford
represent, present, introduce, furnish, perform, deliver
supply, provide, furnish, equip, deliver, serve
provide (a house or room) with furniture and fittings.
the proprietor has furnished the bedrooms in a variety of styles
she was able to furnish me with details of the incident
fish furnish an important source of protein
Parents and teachers lovingly plan and furnish children's rooms even before they arrive.
Though Banking Ombudsman has nothing to do with it, I have asked the ICICI Bank to furnish details,’ said Mr. Sebastian.
to furnish a house
she was able to furnish me with details of the incident
So you've bought a property to let, but have you thought about how to furnish your new investment to best entice your target tenant?
Moreover, sources close to Enron began to furnish the Journal with documents.
A reproduction of the original Brussels weave carpet covers the floors and a mixture of objects of different styles and epochs furnish the room.
When a developer asked David Linley to furnish a neo-Georgian house, he gave them his trademark style combined with collectables old and new.