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furnace / печь, топка, печка
имя существительное
oven, furnace, stove, heater, cooker, fire
furnace, fire-box, burner, hearth, heating, fire
stove, furnace
обжигать в печи
имя существительное
an enclosed structure in which material can be heated to very high temperatures, e.g., for smelting metals.
Continuous power was required to maintain the temperature in a furnace in which metal was melted.
A second limey slag is used to remove sulphur and to deoxidise the metal in the furnace .
The usual procedure is to load the furnace and then begin the soaking period when the loaded furnace reaches the desired temperature.
In fact, since Thanksgiving I've had the gas company here three times and the plumber twice and have imposed on the good graces of friends to fix the furnace and light the water heater.
The washer and dryer were in the same room as the furnace and water heater.
The metals are brought to a suitable temperature in a furnace , and the weld is achieved by hammering or other mechanical pressure.
You can be seriously burned when trying to light a furnace or water heater.
‘Let's get it fired up,’ the man spoke, walking over to the furnace with a metal pole in his hands.
The title of this album might conjure images of a blacksmith plying his trade: pulling metal from a seething furnace and banging it into a useful shape.
her car was a furnace
her car was a furnace