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furl / свертывать, убирать паруса, складывать зонтик
roll, roll up, coagulate, curdle, furl, fold up
убирать паруса
take in sail, furl
складывать зонтик
имя существительное
clotting, coagulation, convolution, fibrillation, furl, jellification
что-либо свернутое
furl, twist
roll or fold up and secure neatly (a flag, sail, umbrella, or other piece of fabric).
he shouted to the crew to furl sails
Close your eyes, when the wind picks up and shimmies over its surface, and you'll maybe hear the creak of timber and the snap and furl of canvas.
he shouted to the crew to furl sails
A Seaman was rated ‘Able’ in wind-powered navies when he was able to perform the Seaman's main duties: reef, steer, and hand - the latter meaning to furl the sails to the yard.
Tying a rope to the wheel and to a pole to keep the vessel on course, Jake jumped and easily grabbed a rope, swinging himself onto the boom and beginning to furl the sails himself.
Men who have climbed a gyrating mast to furl a sail in a storm or have laboured at the helm in rough seas will never underestimate the power of the sea.
The firm is currently investigating these types of structures with advanced furlable composite materials and design methodology.
Notice the wind turbine that has its blades furled also has stopped turning.
The ships' sails were furled and covered, their many masts looked like forlorn trees in a winter storm.
The trick to making such furlable displays has been to fabricate the electrode arrays for switching the display's millions of picture elements from either conducting plastics or extremely thin metal foil.
His eyebrows furled with concern and care, then straightened and turned into an expression of utter compassion.