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furious / яростный, бешеный, разъяренный
имя прилагательное
furious, violent, raging, rabid, stormy, rageful
mad, rabid, frantic, furious, frenzied, wild
furious, enraged, savage, frenzied, blistering
имя прилагательное
extremely angry.
she was furious at this attempt to manipulate her
We were about to ask for a table for dinner, but furious at being treated so rudely we just walked out.
A furious Victor stormed back out of the Diary Room to square up to her and had to be restrained by Stuart.
she's furious with you about the letter
he went off at a furious speed
The departments are furious at the misuse being made of their facilities.
Trinity councillor Tony Lambert has been to inspect the hole and is furious at the lack of action.
If so, no wonder David Blunkett is reported to be furious at the publication of Archer's book.
The mother is furious at the police. Does she take no responsibility in this matter at all?
Critics of fish farming are furious at what they consider to be an attempt to hoodwink the public.
If anything, the public is furious at Blunkett for not being heavy enough.