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furbish / чистить, счищать ржавчину, полировать
clean, cleanse, peel, sweep, brush up, furbish
счищать ржавчину
polish, burnish, buff, grind, brighten, furbish
give a fresh look to (something old or shabby); renovate.
the newly furbished church
We followed her through a series of large, lavishly furbished rooms that each put my entire house to shame.
But recently the problem was settled - a newly furbished vegetarian restaurant in the neighbourhood was so attractive to these office ladies that ‘for at least three of our five working days, we dine there,’ Yan said.
It was furbished in beige and other soft tones that went well with the wood floors, since it was on the third floor the balcony had a nice view.
For example, the Arkwrights (makers of arks or chests) are from Lancashire, the Crappers and Frobishers ( furbishers or cleaners of armour) are from Yorkshire, and the Dymonds are from Devon.
Chris and Valery Yewdall were here over the weekend and we met up with them for a meal and a happy evening at the newly furbished Cricket Club Cafe.
Aldan had furbished the extremely large room in the basement, previously used for storage, for the three young girls.
We spent the coming summer cleaning out the attic and furbishing it for me, that is when I wasn't working at Bashas’ to help earn some savings.
Lin said that the model has exactly the same simply and tastefully furbished interior, and idyllic exterior.
One of the problems which faces the furbishers at Corpus Christi is the amount of previously applied British Museum Leather Dressing.
So, for example, the six furbishers have become the Collection Care Section, dealing with a wide range of preventive conservation and maintenance including cleaning, immediate repairs and box making.