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funnily / смешно, забавно
amusingly, funnily
amusingly, funnily
in a strange or amusing way.
you do talk funnily
‘The younger one was Tim and the older one was John,’ says Emma in a funnily breathless voice that sounds as if she's about to faint.
Why on earth did Ben have to act so funnily today?
She paused and looked at Wyatt funnily before reaching out a plucking a long brown hair off of his coat.
funnily enough, I was starting to like the idea
funnily, he never mentioned it
I find him, by and large, very funny, though he's always treads a fine line between being funnily offensive and being downright offensive.
Yes, pop culture pedagogy is, indeed, one way to funnily distract students from the mandatory, often punitive-seeming (to both students and teachers) experience of comp class.
Others do, extremely funnily at times, but it's just not me, I'm afraid.
Where he had once been funnily cynical, he became at times viciously cruel, not only to myself but to our daughters, who came to resent and fear him.
One student watched her funnily as she violently shook her pen up and down.