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funnel / воронка, дымовая труба, дымоход
имя существительное
funnel, crater, chute, filler
дымовая труба
chimney, stack, smokestack, funnel, chimney-stack, chimney-stalk
chimney, flue, stovepipe, funnel, tunnel
переливать через воронку
складывать руки трубочкой
имя существительное
a tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening.
He referred to the fact that he also knows at the present time that the cavity opening was like a funnel , narrow at the bottom and wide at the top.
guide or channel (something) through or as if through a funnel.
some $12.8 billion was funneled through the Marshall Plan
The funnel runs down through the middle of the ship to the engine room and you can place your hand on it where it comes through the middle deck and feel the heat.
As we walked inside, we saw Dennis coming down the stairs carrying a long tube with a large funnel attached to it.
Lyman also has an accessory called the ‘Powder Pal’ that combines the scale pan with a powder funnel .
It was first spotted around 10.45 in the morning and early observers described it as a rotating funnel of cloud about thirty feet in diameter.
A sea funnel , taking the shape and appearance of an under-water tornado grew in size, swallowing up everything that came close enough to it.
The fumigation and oxygenation apparatus comprises a large stone jar with a glass funnel and a pipe leading into the room.
The pitch was warmed and poured into a glass funnel , with the bottom of the steam sealed.
From there the Queen was taken to one of the ship's giant swimming pools where she was presented with a model of the ship's funnel by representatives of the St Nazaire shipyard in France where QM2 was built.
It is a case-actuated system similar to one used by Hornady where a funnel inside the powder die is pushed up by contact with the primed case.
The wind blows in different directions within the cloud and forms a funnel .