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funky / трусливый, напуганный, вонючий
имя прилагательное
cowardly, coward, funky, dastardly, sneaky, craven
funky, frightened, fearful, afraid, pop-eyed
smelly, stinking, stinky, stunk, fetid, funky
имя прилагательное
(of music) having or using a strong dance rhythm, in particular that of funk.
some excellent funky beats
strongly musty.
cooked greens make the kitchen smell really funky
frightened, panicky, or cowardly.
Coffee sounded great; a quiet, warm shop filled with funky music and the aroma of coffee.
This is the eighth year of funky crafts, clothes, cards and hopefully more of those neat pillows they had last year.
He tackles a variety of styles, from his signature over-the-top look through chic, romantic, modern and funky , and on to downright conservative.
Today, Maceo leads his own soldiers across the world playing the same old funky music he's been playing over the course of the last few decades.
When you step into a room such as this, and you smell mold, mildew, a funky kind of moisture, a heavy smell, you should look around.
Keep one simple pair for everyday use and get one funky or stylish pair for certain occasions, like a night out on the town, or to go with a particular outfit.
During the second half of the evening casual and funky clothes were modelled as the girls gave everyone ideas for a Saturday night out with a difference.
I'm trying to make this a modern and funky place to live.
The music was funky , but didn't inspire impromptu dancing the last night I was there which was a shame.
Add lighting to your office with funky , stylish desk and standing lamps.