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funk / испуг, страх, вонь
имя существительное
fright, consternation, funk, dismay, startle, jitters
fear, awe, terror, fright, dread, funk
stink, stench, reek, pong, fetor, funk
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, funk
fear, be afraid, dread, stand in awe of, be shy, funk
be a coward, funk
имя существительное
a state of depression.
I sat absorbed in my own blue funk
a coward.
a style of popular dance music of US black origin, based on elements of blues and soul and having a strong rhythm that typically accentuates the first beat in the bar.
It combines elements of hip-hop, reggae, funk , punk rock and even traditional Irish folk music.
a strong musty smell of sweat or tobacco.
It's not sweat or the funk from the equipment; it's a strange smell that's hard to describe.
avoid (a task or thing) out of fear.
I could have seen him this morning but I funked it
give music elements of the style of funk.
Whether you want a traditional curled style or want to funk it up with spikes, tousles or free form hair tails you will be right in style.
Just like hip hop, it's all influenced by funk , jazz and soul.
Who, or what, got you into the funk in the first place?
he prowled his office trailing the telltale odour of funk
Theirs is a diverse and unlikely mix of influences, including jazz, funk , reggae and punk rock, along with Belgian brass band music, which they combine with various world music elements.
You get in free before midnight and each night offers a musical difference: jazz, soul, funk or hip-hop, with Latino beats on Sundays.
So when I was instructed to put my haggling skills to work and go in search of some bargains in York city centre I was in a blind funk .
A freak car accident leaves Marie-Josée Croze in an existential funk .
Meeting people like this is exciting and scary, but it might be just what you need to jolt yourself out of your funk .
Ploughing a wide furrow, this record draws on a history of influences from hip hop, funk , soul, and big beat.
are you in a blue funk about running out of things to say?