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funicular / фуникулер
имя существительное
funicular, funicular railway, cableway, cable-railway
имя прилагательное
cable, rope, funicular
имя прилагательное
(of a railroad, especially one on a mountainside) operating by cable with ascending and descending cars counterbalanced.
The enormous growth of tourism in the Alps means funicular railway and cable car operators seek to transport far more visitors than their operations were originally intended for.
of or relating to a rope or its tension.
имя существительное
a cable railroad, especially one on a mountainside, in which ascending and descending cars are counterbalanced.
Just one day earlier things were very different, with hordes of skiers and snowboarders snaking back into the car park, queuing for a trip on the brand new funicular that opened on Christmas Eve after years of planning and controversy.
As with the case of the Cairn Gorm funicular debacle, this Scottish Executive obviously sees development as a higher priority than conservation: yet another manifesto promise out the window.
The big news this year is, of course, the opening of Cairngorm's high-speed funicular railway, a facility that, as far as skiers is concerned, is long overdue.
Requiring a more convenient mode of transportation, the idea of a railway was broached in 1897, but it wasn't until 1924 that the funicular railway to the top of Flagstaff Hill was built.
Monday The Mountaineering Council of Scotland adds to the furore over the controversial Cairngorm funicular which already has many skiers and conservationists up in arms.
So, in April 1884, they opened the first of a series of funicular railways, or elevadores, to tackle the gradients.
As the heat fades from the Italian summer, now's the ideal time to find out why, by taking advantage of the local airport and catching the funicular railway up to Bergamo's medieval citadel.
If you opt for the mountain's new, controversial funicular railway, then you are probably going to find yourself trapped inside a glass visitors' centre, barred from even setting foot on Cairngorm.
It is built on seven hills and sits around a beautiful harbour in the quaintly named Puddefjord, best viewed from the funicular railway that takes you more than 1,000 ft above the city.
They drew the inspiration from the inauguration of the first funicular of Mt. Vesuvius.
The £15 million funicular has also soaked up a large proportion of the taxpayers' money available for supporting Highland developments.