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fungal / грибковый, грибной
имя прилагательное
fungal, fungous
mushroom, fungal, spongy
имя существительное
fungus, fungal
имя прилагательное
of or caused by a fungus or fungi.
fungal diseases such as mildew
Apple scab is a fungal disease that causes black splotches on leaves and fruit.
fungal infection
This is rarer and is usually caused by weeds such as nettles and docks, late flowering plants and fungal spores.
It is clear that the subtleties of plant and fungal sphingolipid desaturation are only starting to be unravelled.
If plum trees are pruned at the wrong time of year, they are often attacked by silver leaf, a serious fungal disease.
It should have been under cover from the end of November, but hopefully the leaf curl fungal spores aren't active yet.
Samples of plants in the field were found to be suffering from another fungal disease, Rhizoctonia.
Beetle grazing can induce resistance against fungal infections in Rumex obtusifolius.
Uvitex 2B stain is an optical brightener that specifically binds to the chitin of fungal cell walls.
There are reports of exposure to fungal elicitors leading to extracellular alkalization in plant cell cultures.