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funfair / ярмарка с аттракционами
имя существительное
ярмарка с аттракционами
имя существительное
a fair consisting of rides, sideshows, and other amusements.
At present, the sands with their donkey rides, funfairs , bouncy castles and little shops selling souvenirs, postcards, buckets and spades and refreshments are dearly loved by older holiday makers and many family visitors.
a funfair ride
When the parade reached Springhill High School, a funfair was waiting.
There were performances from community groups, a food arena, arts and crafts stalls and funfair rides.
The event included a recreation of an American Civil War battle, a funfair , dog show, and fête stalls.
Mrs Letchford, as a very young girl at a funfair , wanted to go on a ride which had a small yellow aeroplane but unfortunately as she had spent her pocket money her wish was not granted.
They received prizes of either free rides on a funfair , donated by Stanley John Cubbins, or goodie bags donated by businesses in Farnworth.
A huge funfair and children's fairground will also be set up in the centre to turn Bradford into a vibrant shopping experience.
A procession along the high street to the Weir Field traditionally kicks off the festivities before a funfair in the afternoon.
a travelling funfair set up every year
There will also be a funfair , sideshows, stalls and refreshments.