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funereal / траурный, похоронный, мрачный
имя прилагательное
mourning, funereal, mournful, sable, sorrowful, lugubrious
funeral, funereal, mortuary, funerary, feral, obituary
gloomy, dark, grim, bleak, dismal, funereal
имя прилагательное
having the mournful, somber character appropriate to a funeral.
Lincoln's funereal gloominess was legendary
Later on, Lyn, Brie, Joe and Janelle go over to Harold's place, where funereal choir music is playing as everyone marches in, white-faced, for cuppas.
The memorial halls and gardens of the Babaoshan crematorium in the grey suburbs of Beijing are the scene of a curious game of funereal politics this weekend as China mourns a lost reformer and the Communist party tries to forget him.
His work was a flaming call to arms; hers is resigned, melancholy, even funereal .
As they moved at a suitably funereal pace towards the church, you could see that, even though they were incredibly smart, almost nobody looked exactly respectable.
Jarmusch directs with a deadpan tone throughout, always at a slow, sometimes funereal pace, his humour full of whimsy and subversion but prone to moments of idiosyncrasy that slip towards pretension.
Bleak, dismal, gloomy, dreary, funereal , somber: All of these adjectives could be used to describe the new album by Iceland's Sigur Ros.
Mourning the lack of opportunities which have thus far presented themselves, the funereal hue seems appropriate in the current Scottish footballing climate.
I recognised it as one of those forward emails, (you can read a lovingly reproduced version of it here, complete with funereal music) and I rolled my eyes.
This is primarily a period piece and, as you might expect from the elegiac nature of the film, the pace is appropriately funereal .
The company argued that the music was ‘suitable and had a sombre, funereal tone’.