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funerary / погребальный, похоронный
имя прилагательное
funerary, mortuary, sepulchral, obsequial, obituary, charnel
funeral, funereal, mortuary, funerary, feral, obituary
имя прилагательное
relating to a funeral or the commemoration of the dead.
funerary ceremonies
Arelate had a cemetery that compared favourably in the quality of its funerary monuments with the Appian Way.
However, in 1614 the States General commissioned him to design the funerary monument for William the Silent in the Nieuwe Kerk, Delft.
In fact, the hands of husband and wife were often linked in English funerary monuments.
His body lies beneath the vast funerary monument shaped by Jacob Epstein, but not even its megalithic weight can keep the spirit of Oscar Wilde earthbound.
The tree stump was hauled from the place of its growth to a funerary monument in a saltmarsh, and turned upside down.
The qubba is the dome of a funerary monument for a famous person.
He has suggested the entire complex was a funerary monument.
This was a remarkable find, since little was known in those days about Old or Middle Kingdom temples apart from funerary monuments attached to royal burials.
There is always some light in his landscape of funerary monuments and beautiful, deadly vegetation.
In the next scene, Hsiao Kang sits in the back of a car with the funerary urn containing his dead father's ashes balanced on his knee.