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fundamental / основной, фундаментальный, основополагающий
имя прилагательное
main, basic, base, primary, key, fundamental
fundamental, radical, basal
fundamental, basic
имя существительное
basics, foundation, fundamental, elements, outlines, element
principle, tenet, rule, maxim, fundamental
основной тон
имя прилагательное
forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.
the protection of fundamental human rights
имя существительное
a central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.
two courses cover the fundamentals of microbiology
It is this fundamental difference in approach to evaluating tests that frames much of the debate about the Rorschach.
And I think that's a very fundamental difference and approach to government between the two parties.
Such an interference by a local authority with the right of a person to pursue his livelihood without express statutory sanction raises an issue of fundamental principle.
And yet, human interaction is fundamental to our existence and the ability to communicate with clarity and understanding is a vitally important skill.
To my knowledge it's the only commercial product in the world that actually has resolved that fundamental problem.
This is fundamental to human rights and the application of international law.
So it's very important that brands do become a part of event-based TV, because they're fundamental to us creating event-based TV.
He said: ‘Many people think the removal of the fence is fundamental to the success of any dialogue.’
For Democrats, it's an issue of fundamental importance and core values.
Some of my concerns are fairly fundamental to the voting process and the secrecy of voting.