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fund / фонд, капитал, запас
имя существительное
fund, stock, chest
capital, fund, principal, headband
stock, reserve, margin, supply, supplies, fund
finance, fund, sponsor, bankroll, stake
consolidate, fund
делать запас
имя существительное
a sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose.
he had set up a fund to coordinate economic investment
provide with money for a particular purpose.
the World Bank refused to fund the project
He had a fund of quiet humour and often threw oil on troubled waters by quaint comments or amusing anecdotes.
The time always comes when one has to pay one's debt to the fund of sincere belief and has to dare to believe in what he sees.
So the writer has brought with him a ball, a glove, a bat and a fund of stories.
pension fund
He said investors could also use the money fund to reduce timing risk by phasing out lump sums into the stock market.
The Canadian company has been budgeting for damages by setting aside money in an escrow fund .
They are certainly leaving their successor a fund of good will with which to work.
The objectors want the Treasury to set up a special fund for their money to be spent on non-military purposes.
a vast fund of information
he had a fund of stories