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functionary / функционер, чиновник, должностное лицо
имя существительное
official, officer, clerk, functionary, placeman, officiary
должностное лицо
official, officer, executive, functionary, administrator, placeman
имя прилагательное
official, formal, regular, solemn, ceremonial, functionary
имя существительное
a person who has to perform official functions or duties; an official.
So, there is a need to train both the government officials and functionaries of agencies, which take up watershed projects.
The next predictable step was to appoint from among the clan a functionary whose duty was to report on clan members who committed offences against national law.
Tax-dodging tycoons have also angered regular folk who are already fed up with rampant graft that has put many a government functionary behind the wheel of a fancy car.
Most parishioners, even the most ignorant, regarded the priest as a church functionary , someone who performed necessary services, rather than as a spiritual guide.
For doing all such activities and acting as an important functionary for the government, the monthly wages being paid to him are too meager to be taken into consideration.
But they should abandon the illusion that the news manager can be dropped as an official functionary .
One sunny afternoon last month I sat drinking a glass of tea in the office of a functionary in Mus, a market town in eastern Anatolia known for producing sugar beets, tobacco and violence.
The theft is mired in the network of corrupt ministers and other functionaries appointed by US officials.
Democratic republics can no more dispense with national idols than monarchies with public functionaries .
This is necessary to sensitise other organisations, scientists and government functionaries as well.
It was a rare come-together of advocates, judges, party functionaries , officials and the people.