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functionality / функциональность
имя существительное
имя существительное
the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality.
I like the feel and functionality of this bakeware
the range of operations that can be run on a computer or other electronic system.
new software with additional functionality
The status of industrial designers has been steadily rising as consumers demand more than just functionality from the objects that surround them.
We also know that we need to do something like that where we can combine design with functionality and flexibility in an emotional package.
Within six years of our launch, we have continually added an unrivalled blend of new products, new services, and new functionality to the site.
Everyone recognizes that we have come a very long way in bringing superior quality and functionality within reach of the masses.
manufacturing processes may be affected by the functionality of the product
In the broadband age, graphics-rich art sites have come into their own, showing a remarkable advance in quality and functionality .
If the user could add mood in a single location and make it available to a variety of applications, the added functionality would vastly increase incentive to track the data.
Navigation systems are another area in IP functionality expected to see continued growth.
In fact, judging surveying texts by their practical functionality empties them of their politics.
Great architecture integrates functionality and fitness for purpose with a wealth of other values.