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functional / функциональный, конструктивный, без украшательства
имя прилагательное
functional, dynamic, dynamical
constructive, constructional, seminal, functional, constitutive, architectonic
без украшательства
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
of or having a special activity, purpose, or task; relating to the way in which something works or operates.
there are important functional differences between left and right brain
of or relating to a variable quantity whose value depends on one or more other variables.
The author has succeeded in writing a book understandable to readers with very little knowledge of functional analysis and topological vector spaces.
Future examinations of behavioral and functional effects on reproduction will allow us to conduct better ecological risk assessments.
It also can be used to treat functional disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia.
That is, sites that are attractive, practical, functional , and interesting.
Of particular interest is the more controversial class of amnesic syndromes known as dissociative, functional , or psychogcnic amnesias.
functional disorder
The highly influential psychiatrist and philosopher Jaspers listed the functional psychoses as schizophrenia, manic - depressive insanity, and epilepsy.
In any case there were no discernible functional consequences associated with the removal of these amino acids.
Depending on which symptoms are apparent, delirium may be mistaken for a variety of disorders including dementia, mood disorders, and functional psychoses.
Charlotte, on the other hand, has a clean and simple, elegant and functional design, that was highly usable.
They are straightforward in nature and won't win any prizes for sophistication, but they are functional and effective.