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function / функция, назначение, должность
имя существительное
function, office
purpose, destination, appointment, administration, assignment, function
post, function, position, office, appointment, place
function, keep
work, operate, run, function, act, serve
act, operate, work, function, proceed, do
имя существительное
an activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing.
bridges perform the function of providing access across water
a relationship or expression involving one or more variables.
the function (bx + c)
a thing dependent on another factor or factors.
class shame is a function of social power
a large or formal social event or ceremony.
he was obliged to attend party functions
work or operate in a proper or particular way.
her liver is functioning normally
The bed - area was clearly designed for function rather than comfort.
The children's flirtation with radicalism and terrorism is a function of two factors - time and opportunity.
These priorities will be driven by the needs of the organization, which are a function of the business purposes and current problems.
An undo function permits users to undo the most recent configuration.
the museum intends to function as an educational and study centre
You can actually add a button with an exit function to the user interface.
bridges perform the function of providing access across water
Its roof can politely be described as a victory for design over function .
We're not trying to attack anybody here: We're trying to talk about the status and function of design in culture.
Its architecture, furniture, design, function and systems are charmingly retro.