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fun / забава, веселье, потеха
имя существительное
fun, amusement, game, play, sport, toy
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, rejoicing
fun, merry-making
joke, jest, trifle, fun, droll, rally
имя существительное
enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.
the children were having fun in the play area
имя прилагательное
amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.
it was a fun evening
joke or tease.
no need to get sore—I was only funning
Kim, meanwhile, tells Tasha that he sees the relationship as a bit of fun ; nothing serious.
The November wind was chilly, but I didn't think that it was too cold to have some good old fashioned fun .
Before you can even play the disc a screen pops up with some enhanced fun .
A day care area was also set up for babies and toddlers, which gave their parents a chance to have fun with some activities as well.
It really didn't take that long for me to realise that I was having fun , for the first time in ages I was enjoying myself.
I always think of it as being a bit like Never Never Land - it's a fun place and we were encouraged to try things.
To them the pipe lagging was a plaything, a source of fun .
She enjoyed entertaining and her home was always full of fun and laughter.
Once the crust has set up, the least amount of fresh powder will give you equally enjoyable and fun conditions.
As a friend noted at work, you can just tell he's having fun when he plays.