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fumigate / окуривать, дезинфицировать, очищать парами
fumigate, smoke, besmoke, fume, smudge, smeek
disinfect, sanitize, cleanse, fumigate, asepticize
очищать парами
apply the fumes of certain chemicals to (an area) to disinfect it or to rid it of vermin.
But we have already taken action by fumigating the area to prevent new cases,’ Asep said.
The only way to eradicate these diseases is to sterilize or fumigate the soil.
we got sulphur candles to fumigate the house
To provide that protection, growers often fumigate their fields before planting.
Other people fumigate cockroach infested houses.
Due to a lack of funding, the health office will only fumigate those areas where the disease has claimed lives.
Do not fumigate a greenhouse adjoining a dwelling without notifying the occupants before fumigation.
The Bureau also recommends the percentage of foreign particles in maize such as animal droppings, pests and states the acceptable amounts of chemicals like pesticides and fumigants which were preservatives for stored grain.
In the Pacific Northwest, where much of the U.S. potato crop is grown, farmers often spend $250 an acre chemically fumigating their fields to get rid of the nematode before planting time.
The fumigation would cost as much as two months' rent.
When a buyer calls, the seller suggests meeting in a parking lot or on a street corner, giving the excuse that his house is being fumigated or he has relatives visiting.