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fume / дым, пары, пар
имя существительное
smoke, fume, reek
vapor, fume, vapour
steam, vapor, fallow, fume, exhalation, lea
smoke, fume, puff, fume away, reek
chafe, fume, peeve
smoke, puff, fume
имя существительное
gas, smoke, or vapor that smells strongly or is dangerous to inhale.
clouds of exhaust fumes spewed by cars
emit gas, smoke, or vapor.
fragments of lava hit the ground, fuming and sizzling
feel, show, or express great anger.
he is fuming over the interference in his work
The fumes of alcohol rising from it burned his nose.
‘But you're too full of yourself to even give me a chance to talk… explain’ he fumed at her but he didn't move any closer to her.
London seems very very fumy but this may be a direct result of my exhaust pipe being knackered… my own personal microclimate of carbon monoxide, ugh.
I can almost hear the smoke fuming out of her ears.
Grumbling, he donned his garments, and fumingly , he walked outside to meet the source of his emotional disturbance.
Smoke fumed out from the hood and it looked like that something blew up.
The illumination remains hazy, fumy , ethereal; it comes, it touches everybody and is gone.
This finish is the effect of steaming, a process that stains the natural red of the oak to a fumed black.
Many said they had smelled strong gas fumes during the explosion.
Symptoms can be made worse by emotional stress, some foods, smells, fumes , smoke, or travelling.