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fumble / шарить, нащупывать, неумело обращаться
fumble, search, feel, paw, fossick, ferret
grope, fumble, feel about
неумело обращаться
fumble, monkey, maul
имя существительное
неловкое обращение
имя существительное
an act of using the hands clumsily while doing or handling something.
just one fumble during a tire change could separate the winners from the losers
use the hands clumsily while doing or handling something.
she fumbled with the lock
An alert Jaguars defensive player scooped up the ball and returned the fumble 43 yards.
I lost sight of him among the trees, but what I did see made me fumble my cigarette into my lap.
A scramble from a corner and a fumble by Jones almost conceded a second goal to the visitors as Ilkley found it difficult to cope with the commitment and determination of the Stanley players.
Worst of all, Burress did the same thing just two years ago and on that play, the officials ruled the ball a fumble .
By now you know all the terminology, but you don't know if a bouncing ball is a fumble until you watch it on replay from five different angles.
He registered two sacks, blocked a field goal and recovered a fumble .
The Cobbydale side took the late after 17 minutes when matt Bowness pounced on a fumble from the full back and John Williams added the conversion.
And the ref is ‘part of the field,’ which makes this a - fumble !
a quick fumble in a downtown tavern
Three starters return from last year's unit that was the worst in the league - its highlight coming when an offensive lineman picked up a fumble and scored in an upset victory over Missouri.