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fulmar / глупыш
имя существительное
fulmar, silly, gosling, noddy
имя существительное
a gull-sized gray and white seabird of the petrel family, with a stocky body and tubular nostrils.
Adélie penguins, Cape petrels, southern fulmars , and six other species were observed for the study.
The razorbill, fulmar , guillemot, kittiwake, chough and short-eared owl will all make your acquaintance on this magical island.
The eggs of the fulmar are large, white and beautiful.
Pinions outstretched, half hopping and half flying, the fulmar leaped and clambered over the rocks until it reached a nearly level space of smooth stone, some two lengths in breath and width.
These steep pinnacles are now part of the RSPB bird sanctuary populated by the largest Arctic tern colony in north-west Europe, and home to numerous puffins, kittiwakes, shags and fulmars .
Gannets, fulmars and kittiwakes all constitute a hazard to a frisky live-bait, as do blue sharks.
In coastal areas, for example, puffins, rock doves, fulmars and guillemots are the most favoured items of diet.
St Kilda is home to the world's largest colony of gannets and the largest colonies of fulmars and puffins in Britain.
The sun-warmed sound of a skylark pours out of a hazy blue sky, contrasting oddly with the wild, skirling squawks of the kittiwakes and fulmars swooping and wheeling below the cliffs.
Researchers are not concerned that the species is in trouble as fulmars are one of the world's most numerous seabirds.
When nesting on a rock ledge, the fulmars do not build a nest, but when they nest on a bank or slope, they make a shallow scrape, occasionally lined with small stones.