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fully / полностью, вполне, совершенно
fully, completely, entirely, totally, complete, in full
quite, completely, well, fully, perfectly, complete
completely, absolutely, quite, entirely, perfectly, fully
completely or entirely; to the furthest extent.
I fully understand the fears of the workers
no less or fewer than (used to emphasize an amount).
fully 65 percent of all funerals are by cremation
forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives ending in -ful (such as sorrowfully corresponding to sorrowful ).
There should also be at least two fully equipped operating theatres in each unit.
Social workers told me that until they read it they hadn't understood fully the feelings of carers.
The kitchen is fully equipped with Smeg appliances and integrates into the living area.
I fully understand the fears of the workers
She is fully aware of the risks, but believes her past experience will help.
There is also a large fully fitted and equipped catering kitchen and a carvery area.
fully 65 percent of all funerals are by cremation
Scientists have for the first time constructed a fully articulated, or jointed, Neandertal skeleton using castings from real Neandertal bones.
Autism is an extremely complex condition, and one which has never been fully understood.
If you feel the need to discuss this matter more fully , please do not hesitate to call.