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fullness / полнота, обилие, сытость
имя существительное
completeness, fullness, fulness, entirety, plenitude, integrity
plenty, fullness, loads, loads of, riches, affluence
satiety, fullness, bellyful, fill, fulness
имя существительное
the state of being filled to capacity.
scores of cans in different states of fullness
(of a person's body or part of it) the state of being filled out so as to produce a rounded shape.
the childish fullness of his cheeks
The ends were point cut, producing different lengths that add fullness and body. if you're an individualist
A plus in most bands - at least that is what they say - is that a second guitarist adds depth and fullness to a band's sound.
An underskirt is sewn into the garment giving it extra fullness .
The Spectrum implant, filled posteriorly, gives more fullness and wideness to the base of the breast.
the coffee is of a luxurious fullness
This leads to a sense of fullness and has been clinically documented to result in significant weight loss.
Protein is digested slowly, so foods high in this macronutrient help to prolong feelings of fullness .
This fills your stomach, giving you a sense of fullness and helping you avoid late-night snacking.
It's also helpful in treating a sense of fullness in the chest or vomiting.
Hallmarks of quality are fullness of body, balance of acidity, and persistence of flavour.